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When it comes to real estate, we've got your back

Every last one of us, from agents to tech gurus, marketers to support staff, is here to make renting, buying, selling or investing easier for you. Real estate is complicated. Working with us is not.

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You don’t have to navigate the complexities of the real estate market on your own. That’s what we’re here for. Experience, knowledge, and above all, a commitment to providing a level of service that wows you every time: that’s how we do things around here.

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Each one of our leaders is a powerhouse in their field, and together, they create an unstoppable leadership team that’s changing the way Canadians buy and sell real estate.‎

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Tech innovators

Innovation is in our DNA. Whether it's building the industry-leading property portals, enabling buyers to self-serve data or creating tech tools to make every step of the process easier, we're on it. We aren't your parents’ real estate company. We're yours. Logo Logo Logo


From the agents who help you make smart moves to the technology, marketing and operations pros who support them, this is a team that's got your back.



They can tell you what the listings won't: where to find the best value.

Tech/Marketing pros

Tech/Marketing pros

From the sites use to search to the content that helps you make decisions.

Brokerage Operations

Brokerage Operations

The team that focuses on supporting agents so they can support you.

Empowered to succeed

We help people make smart, confident decisions.

Empower for sucess

Real estate is complicated, but we make it simple and easy to grasp. Big decisions can be daunting, but we take the complexity out of the process and provide honest, expert advice that’s personalized to your situation, guiding you every step of the way. And it’s never just one agent helping you: you’ve got the expertise of a whole team of technology experts, marketing gurus and support staff at your fingertips, all focused on helping you get to your goal.